Prayer For A Broken Heart

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Wouldn’t it be great if there was one, perfect prayer for a broken heart?

Whether your heartbreak is fresh, or an ache from years ago, the pain is like nothing else. Having your heart broken is one of the moments in life when the strength of our mind and body connection is revealed. Though the pain of a broken heart is emotional, you feel it throughout your whole being. 

The best place to channel the agony of a broken heart is into your prayer life. But, it’s not as simple as saying a prayer for a broken heart. 

Instead, it’s the grateful recognition that Jesus is our devoted companion through the pain. 

He knows our pain

While He may not have been in a romantic relationship, Jesus knew the pain of betrayal and loss. 

Jesus experienced the death of His close friend, Lazarus and witnessed the heartbreak of his family. 

He also experienced Judas, another friend who He’d travelled and shared His life with for years, betraying Him. 

Jesus loved people with the true, unrestrained love of His Father. He sat with people, ate with them, travelled with them, celebrated and wept with them. In His short life Jesus encountered the breadth of human emotions, He was fully man. So, He knows. He knows how you feel. He knows what it is to feel grief rock your body, to carry the weight of a broken, wounded heart. You don’t need to be afraid that your heartbreak falls outside of your faith.

He is with you

A good prayer for a broken heart is any prayer that connects you to God. Strip prayer down to its most fundamental purpose and you find that it’s simply engaging God in conversation. 

Close the gap between your heartbreak and your prayer life. Pour your pain, anger and disappointment into your prayers by speaking it all out to God. Yes, He is the creator of the universe, sovereign and King of all Kings. But He is also your friend, your companion and your champion. 

He will comfort you

God is our great comforter. We’re never promised an easy life but we are promised God’s peace and comfort,

“the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles.” 2 Corinthians 1:3-4

What an incredible promise to hold onto in the midst of pain and turmoil. No trouble is too trifling or too small for God; He comforts us in all of our troubles. 

Embrace vulnerability

It’s easy to make the mistake of disqualifying our pain. We so often just knuckle down and get on with life, not addressing the truth of our pain and emotions. 

Take a minute now to soak in this fundamental truth: you are loved and you are worthy of love. 

You don’t have to minimise your pain with God. In fact, embracing vulnerability with God is a key catalyst on your healing journey. 

Brene Brown, in her best-selling book ‘Daring Greatly’ says: 

“Vulnerability is the birthplace of love, belonging, joy, courage, empathy, and creativity. It is the source of hope, empathy, accountability, and authenticity. If we want greater clarity in our purpose or deeper and more meaningful spiritual lives, vulnerability is the path.”

A prayer for a broken heart: where to start

Here are three, simple ways to begin processing your heartbreak in your prayer life. 

Voice your pain

Firstly, voice your pain to God. It’s ok if your prayers get a little shaky, if you have to stutter them out through sobs, or, if you can’t even speak the words out loud. Just don’t shy away from voicing and expressing your pain to God. Use David and his incredibly emotional Psalms as your example of a Godly man who didn’t hide any of his pain from God. 

Almighty God, 

I am heartbroken and I don’t even know where to begin or how to describe how I’m feeling. God, I do trust that You know my pain but right now I just feel so alone. 

Your goodness and mercy seem so very far away, God. I am exhausted, weary and I don’t know how to face tomorrow. 

God, I ask for You to turn your face towards me now, to bring me into a fresh encounter with Your comfort and Your peace.

I trust ou with my heartbreak, with my agony and pain. I ask You God to meet me here and lead me forward. 


Hear His heart 

It’s not just us who does the talking in our prayer life. God longs for connection with us and delights in sharing His heart with us. Carve out space in your day to hear God’s heart and let it be balm to soothe your heartbreak.

Whether through scripture, your thought life or the glory of the natural world, you can connect with God’s heart for you in your everyday. 

Dear Jesus, 

I make space for You now and invite You into my life, my heart and even the mundane moments of my day. 

I long to hear Your heart for me and connect with You as never before. 

Please draw close and speak to me, Jesus. Bring me fresh inspiration as I read Your word, drop Your thoughts into mine and help me to notice You as I go about my day. 

In this season of pain and broken heartedness, Jesus, I need You more than ever. I need to hear more from You than I ever have before.

Please meet with me, Jesus. 


Seek His perspective

In times of turmoil and transition in life, it brings great comfort to know that God has plans for us. Before we were born, He had a life filled with His goodness and companionship planned out for us. Seeking God’s perspective and reminding yourself that His plans for you are good is a truly healing process during a time of heartbreak. 

Dear God, 

My life feels all over the place right now. I’m finding it hard to see a way forward and to remember what it even is I’m called to do. 

I believe You have a plan for my life but I’m really struggling to walk that out today. 

God, please bring me into a fresh revelation of Your perspective. Reveal Your thoughts for me and show me the next steps. Lead me forward, step by step, away from this pain and towards Your promise. 


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