A Mother’s Day Prayer

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Mother’s Day is a day that can come marked with a mixture of emotions for so many.

Sometimes it’s simply a day of celebration, a wonderful excuse to gather family or indulge in some time off with a loved one.

But, sometimes, it’s a truly difficult day that brings with it waves of grief or regret. 

Thankfully, as Christians, we love and serve a God who shares every emotion with us. God isn’t just by our sides through everything; He also understands how we’re feeling and can lead us towards hope and healing again. Equally, He’s also the best at celebrating us and filling us up with joy. 

This Mother’s Day, we’re sharing a range of prayers. From the short, sweet and simple to longer writings designed to comfort those at a loss this Mother’s Day. 

However you decide to spend Mother’s Day this year, try to include a time to pray and invite God to be with you. He’s always the best companion, on the best and the worst days. 

Mother’s Day Prayers: Where To Begin 

We all go through stretches where we pray a lot, and stretches where we pray a little. If you fall into the later camp, then first of all: don’t worry. Yes, God wants us to come to Him with everything; He loves it when we pray. But, He doesn’t want us burdened with worry or guilt either. So, whether you’re approaching this Mother’s Day with a solid quiet time routine that leaves you feeling really connected to God or whether you’re feeling a little more like a lost soul, know that your prayers are heard just the same. 

When we pray, we are approaching our Father. He is delighted to hear from us and welcomes us in with warm, open arms, just like a mom would. 

Here’s a short, simple Mother’s Day prayer if you’re feeling disconnected from God:

Dear God, 

I’m not in the habit of praying at the moment and I feel so far away from you. Life is full of good and bad and I don’t know where to find you in it. 

Please draw near to me this Mother’s Day. Speak to me and remind me what your presence feels like on this significant day. 


Praying A Blessing Of Discovery On Mother’s Day

Whether you’re a mom of young kids, an empty nester, or just a supportive relative or friend, you’ll know that kids are a handful. More than a handful sometimes! Having children can be completely overwhelming. 

Lots of mother’s talk about losing their sense of self and their identity, when they become moms. So much of a mom’s time goes into nurturing and raising their kids that it’s easy to lose yourself along the way. 

But, we know that God made us all to be unique, with a plan in mind just for us. Luke 12:6-7 says:

“Are not five sparrows sold for two pennies? Yet not one of them is forgotten by God. Indeed, the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows.”

God knows the hairs on the head of every single mother out there. No matter how lost you feel, or how far away your sense of self is, you are known by God and He has unique plans just for you. 

Here’s a blessing to pray over moms this mother’s day, whether you’re praying it over yourself, your spouse or over a dear friend. 

Dear God, 

I lift up this dear Mom in my life, (name). 

I can see what an incredible job she is doing at loving and raising her kids. She sacrifices and works every day and loves her kids without measure. Motherhood is so often a reflection of your love for us, and I thank you for this mom and all she does for her kids.  

Please God, this mother’s day and in the year to come, will you renew her sense of self and reform her identity. Bless her, God, with dreams of who you made her to be and reveal your good plans to her. She spends so much time dreaming and imagining for her kids, please remind her that the God of the universe does the same for her. 

Bless her, God, with an unshakeable identity, rooted in you. 


A Mother’s Day Prayer Of Gratitude 

Being raised by a God-fearing mom who loves you, and serves Jesus, is such an incredible blessing. Use this prayer of gratitude to thank God for your own brilliant mom. 


I want to take a moment to thank you for my Mom. She is such a blessing, thank you for making me her kid! 

She has watched out for me, loved me and been there for me throughout my whole life, no matter what she has going on herself. 

As I get older, I’m more aware of what a privilege it was to have a godly mother as my mother. Thank you so much for this blessing, God. 

Please bless my mom, God. Bless her with good sleep and good health, and bless her with the time and space to explore hobbies and passions she loves. Please bless her with rich and rewarding friendships, and most of all, God, bless her with your presence, drawing her close. 


A Mother’s Day Prayer For When You Can’t Find The Words

This prayer is the hardest to pray. It’s the sort of prayer you might just have to think, or whisper. Know that God hears those prayers just as clearly as the ones spoken over a microphone. 

This prayer is for those moms, or not yet moms, who face enormous struggle this Mother’s Day. From the moms who haven’t carried their babies yet to the ones plunged into grief by the unimaginable, this day can be acutely painful. 

This prayer is for the times when you can’t find the words. 


I need you to meet me in my pain and remind me of your goodness. 

I need to taste and see that even in this, even on the darkest day, you are so good. 

Honestly, God, it doesn’t feel like you’re very good right now. This pain is too much, and it might just overwhelm me. 

Please, God, seek me out and turn your face towards me. Meet me in my pain and my darkness, and lead me back to the light. 

I need your hand in mine, God, your compassion to wash over me, and your strength in my bones. 

Even in this, God, I trust you. Even in this, I am yours.


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