The God Who Sees

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If you’ve ever felt ignored, overlooked, or even invisible at times, then come and know the God who sees, knows, and loves you today!

The God Who Sees:Hagar’s Story

Have you ever read Hagar’s story in Genesis? Its pretty shocking, to be honest. Here is the context.

Abraham, who is one of the most significant patriarchs of the Old Testament, is getting old and he has no son or heir to extend his family line. He has, however, been given a promise by God Himself that his descendants will number the sand on the seashore. And yet, his wife Sarah, who is past traditional childbearing age, is still not pregnant.

They grow impatient and decide to “help” God’s plan with an idea of their own.

As with many large noble families in ancient times, they had a number of household servants. One of these household servants is called Hagar. Abraham and Sarah plan to use her as a surrogate mother and then adopt the baby as their own, thereby solving the problem of having no heir. However, the story takes a turn.

The Birth of Ishmael

After Hagar gives birth to the baby, Ishmael, the Bible says she “began to despise” Sarah. Its hard to imagine how vulnerable Hagar must have felt at this point, but it gets worse.

In fact, Sarah conspires to drive her away.

“Then Sarai mistreated Hagar; so she fled from her.

The angel of the Lord found Hagar near a spring in the desert; it was the spring that is beside the road to Shur. And he said, “Hagar, slave of Sarai, where have you come from, and where are you going?”

“I’m running away from my mistress, Sarai,” she answered. Genesis 16:6-8

To say that Hagar has been mistreated is an understatement. She is homeless and powerless, looking for a safe place of refuge to raise her child and start her life over again. And yet, an angel of God comes to her with words of hope and prophecies for a wonderful future. A future full of increase and blessing.

Right there, in her darkest moment, God validates her and acknowledges her. He includes her in His story.

13 She gave this name to the Lord who spoke to her: “You are the God who sees me,” for she said, “I have now seen[c] the One who sees me.”

The God Who Sees: What’s Your Story?

Maybe you have been rejected unfairly rejected by people who were supposed to care for you in the past. Maybe you are still dealing with the real-life consequences of other people’s behaviour towards you.

Let God’s word bring you comfort in whatever you are going through. You may not see an angel, but you have the Bible, which is God’s word to you. Remind yourself of His promises today.

Remember, God, who gave you His promise in the first place, will make sure that the promise comes to pass. When you are tempted to “help” God by forcing or rushing the outcome, trust His timing and sovereign, supernatural abilities. You serve a God who sees you.

You are not forgotten

When you are feeling rejected or in a place of vulnerability, He will not turn away from you. If you have done something that has caused you or others pain, His arms are open to you to give your forgiveness and grace. When you are struggling to find your place in a competitive and noisy world, He knows you intimately and loves you perfectly. He will work all things for your good.

You are not forgotten.

Friend, God sees you.

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