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As a Christian Business Leader you understand the importance of connecting with God regularly. 

Time with God promotes clarity of mind, wisdom, creativity, joy and confidence. It reduces anxiety, enhances interpersonal relationships and improves quality of sleep.

With anxiety, stress and insomnia causing productivity issues in many workplaces, Glorify provides a unique solution built on the promises contained in scripture.

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Daily Worship

Enjoyable Daily Worship Routines and Rituals.

Glorify Praying Hands

Meditations & Prayers

Destress and revitalize with our Mediations. Create shared & private prayers - a global first immersive virtual experience!

Well-being Music

Exclusive Meditation & Well-being Music from the world’s best Christian Artists.

Sleep Meditations

Sleep Stories, Meditations, Music & more to refresh and restore.

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Trusted by more than 1 million Christians world-wide!

Paula U.

This is by far the most helpful, beautiful, app I’ve found. It’s calming, welcoming, a perfect combination of teaching, lessons, music... Perfect way to start the gift of another day.

Lesley P.

This app has allowed me to grow spiritually and feel closer to God during times when I am traveling and cannot attend my church. Thank you all for developing such a wonderful and touching application.

Pam J.

I have truly enjoyed this app. It starts my day and I am so thankful that in the middle of the day or in sleepless nights I can listen and quiet myself.

Kaylee L.

These meditations are both relaxing and inspiring. A perfect way to start or end your day!

Sabrina M.

This app is the most rewarding app that I have encountered.. it gives me peace and enjoyment each morning. Give God the glory for allowing this beautiful voice to bless my soul each day. My life has been renewed by listening to this Glorify app!