The Rope Of Resilience

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My pastor has a phrase that she often uses and it is this: “get-back- up- ability”. What she means is, it’s not about how many times you fall down that is not what defines you

What defines you is how many times you are willing to get back up again. That is what defines you. I call this reality, the rope of resilience .

What is Resilience?

I personally love the phrase “get-back- up- ability” but a more common word is resilience.

Resilience is the ability to get back up again after a setback or a difficulty.

Resilience doesn’t mean that we are hard or insensitive we can be resilient and soft-hearted

We can be resilient and still find things difficult painful or overwhelming

Resilience does not mean that we won’t get disappointed.

But what it does mean is that we get back up trusting that God will reappoint us from our disappointment.

What does Resilience look like?

Some people are more naturally resistant than others and interestingly there has been some great Research into what makes some people more resilient than others

Research showed that two of the key factors that contributed to resilience or “get-back-up-ability” is knowing that you are loved and accepted unconditionally.

You see, our resilience isn’t something that we have to muster up in our own effort .

It is a strength that comes from being tethered to God and his unconditional and unchanging love towards us. Isn’t that amazing?

So here is something for your discipleship toolkit:

Love Pulls You Forward Into Your Future.

I wonder if you could imagine yourself being tethered to God’s love by a rope?

Not something flimsy or fragile a strong and sturdy rope – a rope of resilience.

God has a hold of one end and will not let you go. As you remain connected to His love, His supernatural power and grace you will have the strength to rise strong from adversity.

Now that you have that picture in your mind come back to it anytime you feel yourself trip stumble or fall flat on your face.

Hold On Tight

Picture yourself holding on to the resilient rope and allowing it to steady you and to guide you as you get back up on your feet to continue to follow Christ as a disciple.

His love is the rope of resilience that pulls us towards the future He has planned for us.

Let that encourage you as you continue your resilience journey today!

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