The Power Of Short Daily Devotionals

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Short daily devotionals have been a lifesaver for me. We all know those people who can read through the Bible in a year and seem to thrive on it, but I am not one of those people. I run out of steam somewhere in mid-February when I’m trying to understand Leviticus. Yes, it can be a great discipline, but I also appreciate how my head works. It took me many years to embrace who God has made me. I’m built far more for sprints than for marathons. For that reason, short daily devotionals are excellent for me.

If you have never used a short daily devotional before, here are a few reasons why you might try them.

They Can Help You Grow Spiritually

Try incorporating devotions into your daily life if you want to grow spiritually. Devotions are an excellent resource for spiritual inspiration. Various readings cause you to ponder the Bible and encounter thoughtful teaching on important spiritual topics. Devotions encourage you to spend time in prayer as well. While each day may not seem particularly significant, spending time with God on a daily basis will cause you to grow and mature. The more we connect with God, the clearer His message about Himself, His kingdom and His people becomes.

They Can Help You Get To Know God

God created us to have a relationship with Him. To be loved by Him and to join in with that love. Even amongst all the mess and pain of humanity, God never lost His desire to be in a relationship with us. Thankfully, He is fully present with us, always. A daily habit of consciously becoming aware of that presence helps us to understand Him. As we read our Bibles and spend time with Him, He reveals more of Himself to us.

However, the Bible frequently raises questions and can be challenging to understand. A devotional can help you break things down by providing selected scripture passages, straightforward teaching, and even prayer suggestions. Learning more about God will help you deepen your relationship with Him each day.

You Can Gain A Richer Understanding Of The Bible

The Bible is a long and complex work, but no other book contains as much life-giving truth and teaching as the Bible. Trying to study large portions of the Bible all at once or only occasionally dipping into it will probably not give you the best results. It takes time and dedication to study the text. The more time you spend reading and reflecting on it, the more its message will become evident. This is especially true when helped by great teachers and the short daily devotionals they write. 

Short Daily Devotionals

You Can Start To Find Peace

The most obvious benefit of doing short daily devotionals is a sense of peace. We all have times when we feel hopeless, overwhelmed, anxious or lonely. Reading a daily devotional that is relevant to your situation can provide you with much-needed peace from God. You can always find solace in hearing about God’s grace and love for you. Devotions help us remember that no matter what is going on in the world, God has everything under control.

The peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

Philippians 4:7

Daily devotions may seem daunting, but the benefits are well worth it. If you are looking for ways to grow spiritually and find comfort in a relationship with God, then daily devotionals are a good starting point.

Short Daily Devotionals

Here are some great recommendations to get you started.

Live in Grace, Walk in Love by Bob Goff

Bob Goff, the bestselling author, gives you a year’s worth of inspiring, unexpected and thought-provoking teachings to prepare you for the day ahead.

Live in Grace, Walk in Love is built on Bob’s trademark storytelling. He has a unique way of assisting us to see things in a new light. In the book, he takes us through an entire calendar year of meditations on how we can step out in love and confidence in all aspects of our lives.

“When we’re chasing our dreams, all the turbulence we face shouldn’t scare us into pulling back, though. The shaking, jerking, and rattling in our lives are telling us we’re getting close to the breakthrough.”

Estimated length of each reading: 10 minutes

Journey With Me: 365 Daily Devotions by Catherine Campbell

Catherine Campbell invites you to join her as she shares 365 Bible meditations that have touched her heart and changed her life throughout the year.

Catherine takes us through new territory daily, using an eclectic mix of readings, character cameos and anecdotes. Some paths will be smooth and scenic, while others will be steep and stony, just like in life. The journey may be unpredictable, but the map is reliable and the Guide is always nearby.

As we meditate on what it means to dwell continually in His presence, and therefore under His protection, let’s give Him our fears and walk into the unknown with our hand securely held in His.”

Estimated length of each reading: 10 minutes

3 Minutes Devotions for Men /3 Minutes Devotions for Women 

Do you have three minutes to spare?  

You’ll find the encouraging pick-me-up you need in these 3-Minute Devotions for Men and Women. This series of short daily devotionals, written primarily for busy Christians, packs a potent dose of challenge and encouragement into just-right-sized readings for people of all ages. Each includes a scripture, a devotional reading and a prayer.

A relationship with Jesus invites you to do things you never thought you could do. Somehow, impossible reactions become possible.” 

Estimated length of each reading: 3 minutes

A Year With Andrew White by Andrew White

These 52 short daily devotionals from Andrew White, each with a scripture passage and prayer, offer a new look at the faith of “The Vicar of Baghdad”. Andrew shares the reality of his life and the profound truths from his faith journey.

These arresting meditations do not shy away from Christians’ dangers and difficulties. Still, each one demonstrates how God’s love endures all human strife.

“In the work of peacemaking there are no fairy tales where people’ live happily ever after’. Yet by God’s grace peace can indeed happen, and this is what we work for and pray for.”

Estimated length of each reading: 15 minutes

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