Prayer Before Surgery: Seeking God’s Blessings for a Successful Operation

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Any medical treatment can be daunting. Approaching something as invasive as surgery can be a real test in holding your peace. Prayer for surgery and encouraging Bible verses are both brilliant tools to help you to prepare. 

During times of sickness, injury, and ill health remember you are able to trust in the care and attention of our amazing God. In the most painful and scary moments He promises to be with you. 

It’s a good idea to carve out time before your treatment or surgery to spend praying and connecting with God. Make sure you ask others in your life to pray for you too. 

What is a prayer before surgery?

There’s no one correct way to pray. Prayer for surgery can be as simple as reading a Psalm aloud or reciting a prayer you remember from childhood. You could write down a prayer that you repeat every day. Or, you could soak in God’s presence silently, soaking up His comfort. 

As with everything in life we feel, work, and do better when we involve God. Approaching surgery is no different! Prayer is the best way to ensure your connection to God thrives, not suffers, during a challenging time of life. 

How can we pray for someone who is having surgery?

Facing surgery can be an overwhelming experience. Whether it’s a minor or major procedure, the thought of going under the knife can be scary, especially if you’re not sure what to expect. 

If someone you know has to have surgery a great place to start is to pray for them to feel God’s peace and comfort. 

The more connected to God we are, the more we feel His amazing presence of Peace. He brings such comfort and calm, even during scary moments of life. 

As prayer connects us to God it helps to reduce anxious thoughts, provide comfort and release a peace that goes beyond our circumstances. 

Here are some ideas you can include when praying for someone who is having surgery:

1. Ask God to give them for guidance and strength

2. Pray for their medical team

3. Ask for a quick, simple recovery

How can we provide encouragement to a sick person?

Whether it’s a friend facing surgery or someone in your family with a chronic health condition, being able to pray for your loved ones is truly empowering. Without prayer all we can really do it provide practical support and well wishes. Praying adds a whole other layer of encouragement as we invite God’s perfect peace and comfort into the situation. 

That’s not to say you shouldn’t also do what you can to show up practically too. Sending gifts or helping with the food shop and other errands is a brilliant way of demonstrating how God loves us through His church body. 

The Importance of Prayer Before Surgery

Often, the longer you’re a Christian the more obvious it becomes just how much we need God. We were created to live in intimate relationship with Him. Trusting Him and leaning on Him for our strength, direction and comfort. When life gets hard this truth often grows radically clearer. 

Even the simplest surgeries come with risks and can leave us feeling nervous and out of control. 

It’s in these moments that it helps to pause, breathe and remind ourselves that we are in God’s hands. 

Prayer is meant to be a conversation with God. Use it as a tool to grow in intimacy with him and you’ll find you can navigate things like medical issues, daunting surgeries, and other worries with peace in your heart.  

What is a healing prayer for a friend?

Do you have a friend or loved one in need of healing? Here’s a prayer you can use to invite God into the situation. 

Dear Jesus, 

I lift up my friend to you now. 

Please would you come and make your presence known to them. 

Let them know your comfort and peace as never before. 

I ask you to fill their body with fresh strength and breathe your life into them. 

Heal and renew them God. Remove all pain and bless them with total health and wholeness. 


What are some comforting words to say to someone who is ill?

When a loved one is facing an illness, it can be difficult to know what to say to offer them comfort and support. It’s important to find the right words to express your love and concern, while also recognizing their unique situation and emotions. Here are some comforting words that can help:

1. “I’m here for you.” Let them know that you’re there to support them in whatever way they need.

2. “I’m praying for you.” Offering to pray with them or for them can release comfort and hope.

3. “You are strong and brave.” Remind them of their own inner strength and resilience.

4. “I believe in you.” Encourage them to keep fighting and remind them that you have faith in their ability to overcome their illness.

5. “You are not alone.” Let them know that you will be there for them through all the ups and downs.

6. “I love you.” These simple words can mean the world to someone who is facing a difficult time.

It may sound obvious to remind someone that you love them but in times of illness a simple reminder that you’re not alone can be truly powerful. 

Specific Prayers for Surgery

Your needs building up to a surgery will change day to day. You might in physical pain and need supernatural pain relief. Or, maybe you’re finding the situation has prompted anxious thoughts. 

We’ve compiled some specific prayers, for different emotions and needs, as you prepare for surgery. 

Prayer for Strength and Courage

Dear Jesus, 

I am afraid of what I have to walk through in the coming months. The thought of surgery, the risks and the recovery is causing a lot of fear in my heart. 

Please God be my strength and courage in this difficult season. Help me to trust you and know you as my protector and friend as never before. 

I pray that this experience would draw me closer to you as I experience how your strength can carry me. 


Prayer for Healing and Recovery

Father God, 

Please bless me with your healing power. As I recover from surgery please accelerate my healing. Let my health and recovery be testament to your goodness and supernatural healing powers. 

I ask that every wound, pain and swelling would be made new in your mighty name Jesus. 

Bring me back to full strength soon. 


Prayer For Surgery: Blessing The Surgical Team

Dear Jesus, 

I pray a blessing on my surgical team. I’m so grateful for their skill and for how dedicated they are to caring for people. 

Please give them with fresh strength, energy and wisdom as they work today. 

May they be blessed and know how loved they are. 


Whether it’s you facing surgery, or a loved one, remember God is your comforter and protector. No matter how difficult the months ahead may be, God will be with you in each and every moment. 

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