How to Give a Random Act of Kindness

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Giving a random act of kindness doesn’t have to be difficult and it can transform someone’s day by showing that there is goodness in the world. If you’re unsure where to start, here are 27 random acts of kindness to inspire you.

1. Bring toys to the homeless shelter

While birthdays and holidays are joyful for many, they can be extremely hard for children and families who are going through a tough time. If there is a homeless shelter for families near your place, consider giving away toys that your child has outgrown. If you can afford it, you can even buy new toys for them. 

2. Hold the elevator door

This is an example of an effortless random act of kindness. When you’re inside the elevator and see someone running for it, simply hold the door open for them; you could even give them a smile while you do it!

3. Give a stranger a compliment

A nice compliment from a total stranger can do wonders. Remember that time when you weren’t sure about your new haircut? Maybe a kind lady in a store commented how awesome you looked and that was all you needed to hear to make you happy for the day. So don’t hold back on compliments. Give them away. They are free after all.

4. Help someone put groceries in their car

If you see someone struggling at the store, then step in and help, it can make someone’s day.

5. Send flowers for no reason

Unexpectedly send a colorful assortment of freshly cut blooms to your dear grandma or a teacher you greatly admired. They will be happy to know that someone was thinking of them.

6. Run an errand

If you are already heading to the post office or grocery store, an easy random act of kindness would be to offer to pick up postage or grab some groceries for a friend.

7. Make a music playlist 

Older parents can be tech-challenged. It would take ages for them to create a playlist of all their favorite oldies, so why not make it easy for them and make a list with all their best songs. They would be over the moon! It doesn’t have to be your parents, why not bless someone else in your world with a customized playlist.

8. Mow your neighbors’ lawn

I hate mowing the lawn, so if someone did this for me, I’d be so happy!

9. Bake cookies for the office

This idea is perfect for almost everyone; who can resist a warm platter of delicious cookies fresh from the oven? Bring happiness to a dull day at work – your colleagues will love you for it.

10. Read a book to an elderly person

As people age, it can get harder and harder to see the fine print. They would probably love for you to read them a classic that they remember from their younger days.

11. Give your favorite book to a friend

Spread the love by sharing a book that has inspired you.

12. Leave a nice note on someone’s car

Jot down a thoughtful and kind note and stick it on the windshield. It can be for a neighbor, a friend, your spouse or any random stranger. Add a blessing to their day!

13. Let someone cut in front of you in line

I love doing this at the store as people aren’t expecting kindness. When I offer for them to cut in, they look confused and want to know what the catch is, but there’s no catch, just kindness.

14. Buy the person behind you coffee

Next time you are at the coffee shop, give the barista a few dollars to buy the person behind you their morning cup and make their day.

15. Hide a love note

Slip in a love letter in her lunch, hide it in his wallet or write it on the shower wall. Can you imagine their sweet smiles when they stumble upon it and read the cheeky love note? 

16. Pick up litter at the park

This kind of small gesture adds value to your neighbors and your community surroundings. And you could go even further and pick dog poop too. 

17. Donate to a charity that a friend cares about

It’s becoming more popular for people to opt-out of birthday gifts and instead request donations to their favorite charities. So, give a little to help a friend’s cause.

18. Send a Bible verse

Encourage a friend by picking out an encouraging Bible verse to lift their spirits through the day. Here are some suggestions.

19. Take a neighbor’s dog for a walk

When people are exhausted but their dog still needs exercise, taking the dog out is a beautiful way to be kind.

20. Tell a boss about a good employee

When I was a boss myself, I often only heard about employees who are not doing such a good job but turn it around and give kudos to someone who is doing great.

21. Offer to pray with someone

If you see someone upset or anxious, then offer to say a quick prayer for them, then and there.

22. Handwrite a letter 

Yes, you can send an email or a text, but nothing can beat a good old-fashioned handwritten letter. It oozes out warmth and love. So share some secrets and love by writing a letter to your best friend.

23. Stack the dishes on your table

I  know people who work in restaurants and each of them has told me how amazing it is when a table of diners stacks the plates for them. It’s a simple act of kindness that makes a massive difference to them on a busy shift.

24. Pay for someone’s meal 

This random act of kindness idea is slightly challenging as you can’t deduce who will appreciate the gesture or who will feel creeped out. However, if you see a harried parent with teeny-weeny monsters or a couple who are celebrating a special occasion, go ahead and pay for one of the meals!

25. Babysit for free

When my children were little, getting a babysitter wasn’t always easy. If you know new parents, you can offer to babysit for a few hours and give them some alone time; it makes such a difference.

26. Take 15 minutes to really listen to someone

Some voices can become so familiar in our world that we stop paying attention to what they are actually saying. When someone talks their heart out to you, don’t make a face and zone out. Instead, invest a few minutes and really listen to them. 

27. Offer to take a photo

Selfies don’t always work, especially when trying to capture you, your partner and the background. If you see a couple struggling to take a photo of a lovely moment, help them out and offer to click a gorgeous picture for them.

I hope these 27 suggestions will help you to give a random act of kindness.

Photo by Ravi Pinisetti on Unsplash

Photo by Fauzan Saari on Unsplash

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