Glorify App Spearheads the Advance of Tech and Faith and Closes Another Successful Fundraising Series

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In the words of our co-founder and co-CEO Henry Costa; “We’ve always believed that prayer has the power to help people fight anxiety, sleep better and support their overall wellbeing.” Never has this been as clear as in the anxiety-ridden times that we’re currently living through. Our mission for 2022 is to help every Christian connect with God, every day. We’ve had the most incredible start. The Glorify App is helping people all over the world.

And we’ve seen millions of users exploring our inspiring devotionals and listening to our playlists. And we’ve just closed a round of Series B fundraising with an amazing $40M investment. SoftBank Latin America Fund led the round and have shared how excited they are about the future of Glorify:

“Glorify has the potential of being absolutely huge. We have a strong conviction about the product and for what is yet to come. I have personally been using the product daily and have been really happy with the experience. Ed and Henry are truly exceptional founders.” Paulo Passion, Manager Partner SoftBank Latin America Fund.

Our Plans for 2022

Consequently, the support of SoftBank Latin America Fund, 2022 will see us launch new social prayer features across the app. We can’t wait to see our users build community and connection around their faith. We continue to explore how faith and tech can complement each other with pioneering new features. And we know we’ll see Glorify make a real difference to Christians during the fraught years of COVID-19. 

People are searching for greater meaning in this time of unrest and uncertainty,” said Henry Costa, co-founder and co-CEO of Glorify. “At Glorify, we believe that prayer has the power to help people fight anxiety, sleep better and support their overall wellbeing, and in the past few months, we’ve seen this in abundance. With these new funds, we will be able to further invest in product to help Glorify bring even more people together through faith and prayer. 

To find out more about how Christians are feeling heading into 2022, we surveyed over 1000 app users across the US, UK and Latin America in our User Insights Survey. The results are fascinating. 

Over 70% of respondents said that since COVID-19 they have prayed more and 64% of people said they plan to turn to prayer and mediation, over exercise, to help manage their anxiety in 2022. 

In fact, everything we do here at Glorify is aimed to help people experience, and be transformed by, the incredible peace and wellness that comes from connecting with God. It’s so encouraging to know that, despite the challenging year we face, so many Christians will be turning to the power of prayer to help them. And, we plan on being there for every step of the journey. 

You’re Invited 

No matter your denomination, background, or history with faith, we want you to be part of the Glorify journey with us. 

“Henry and I have created a product that means something to us personally,” said Ed Beccle, co-founder and co-CEO of Glorify. “It is this strength of our collective perspective that has turned Glorify into a universal experience that speaks to Christians wherever they are in their journey of faith.”

The Glorify community is strengthened by the diversity of perspectives and experiences it represents. As we grow this year we can’t wait to see our app get even richer and the strength of its voice even clearer as more of you join us.

About the App 

Glorify is designed to help Christians strengthen their daily connection with God. Filled with faith-based content like inspiring quotes, bite-size Bible passages, and playlists, the app helps you to increase your spiritual wellness. Everything on Glorify is designed to make it easier for everyone to connect with God, every day. Why? Because we believe in the positive and life-changing power of prayer. 

Glorify was co-founded in 2020 by Ed Beccle and Henry Costa. Knowing that many Christians had the desire to pray and create structure around their quiet time but often found themselves pressed for time or without the best resources at hand, they started Glorify, an app rooted in faith, to give Christians everywhere an easy path to creating a daily habit of connecting with God.

Glorify currently serves over 2.2M users, who spend over 204M minutes of meditation and prayer daily on the platform. With over 20M Daily Worships completed, the app has also amassed 300,000 reviews, with users stating that the app helps them take the time to reconnect with their spirituality and has changed their daily routines for the better.

Glorify is available to download for free on iOS or Android. You can read the press release with more about our successful fundraising series here.

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