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Hey there, Henry here! 

I wanted to take this opportunity to write to you, our supportive users, and our global partners about something very exciting that will mark a pivotal moment in the Glorify App and a great leap forward in our desire to help people establish worship routines as a part of their faith journey.

Since day one, our mission has been to help Christians connect with God in a unique and special way, encouraging them to seek Him in the everyday rhythms of their lives. By bridging the gap between faith and the digital space in our daily worship app, we have embraced the world’s best technology and we have used it to share the Word of God. 

However, as Glorify has continued to evolve and grow, we have constantly challenged ourselves with the question: What else can we do to best connect people to God through the Glorify App? 

As a result, several months ago, we began working on an exciting update that we truly believe will provide our users with an array of new and improved resources to help them to discover more of the joy that is found in connecting with God. 

So, I’d like to introduce you to the new Glorify experience – a new version of the Glorify App designed to help people go deeper. 

Through the new Glorify experience (currently in English speaking versions of the app), we are further developing what we offer to our users, building upon the foundation that we have spent the last few years cementing and finding innovative ways to guide people to discover a greater relationship with Jesus. 

Here are some of the changes you will see in the Glorify App as we launch the new Glorify experience :

1.Daily Worship is getting a new addition – ‘Daily Walk with God’.

Over the last few years we have seen an amazing response to our ‘Daily Worship’ as an accessible way to explore and reflect upon the Word of God. Now, to cultivate an even more intentional experience for you, we have reinvented this, taking the very best parts of ‘Daily Worship’ and combining them with our new ‘Daily Walk with God’ experience.

The concept for ‘Daily Walk With God’ was born out of the idea that a relationship with Jesus is a journey, not a fixed destination.  

Throughout the Bible we see examples of numerous people who walked with God, allowing Him to steer their lives each step of the way, and through ‘Daily Walk With God,’ we wanted to bring the idea of journeying with Jesus to life in a meaningful way. 

Through the collective efforts of our dedicated team of creatives, theological writers and app engineers, users will now be able to explore powerful Scriptures in an immersive experience that is both visually and audibly engaging. ‘Daily Walk With God’ will not only guide you to pause and meditate on the Word of God, but it will also help you to consider important questions that will strengthen your faith, as well as reflect in prayer about the things you have learned. 

2. A new library of premium content to help you further your faith. 

One of the most common requests we receive is to provide additional content for those wanting to go a step further in their journey of faith and to supply resources that unpack specific topics of faith in greater detail. We have listened to this and made a big investment into new content variations.  

Now, with the new updates to the Glorify App, we can’t wait to offer users the option of subscribing to a library of premium content that has been developed by world-class writers and Bible-thinkers to encourage, strengthen and build up the body of Christ.

This includes a brand-new tab in the app called ‘Courses’ designed to develop you in your faith and support you in your journey with Jesus. Within this tab, users will discover a variety of powerful resources covering topics such as managing your finances, the practice of prayer and how to overcome life’s crises. 

We’ve also added an extended library of content written to help you focus your mind on the things of God, as well as a series of exciting new devotionals created especially for kids. Plus, we have much more to come in the next few months!  

Each piece of premium content included has gone through an in-depth creative and theological process to ensure each subscriber is provided with one-of-a-kind resources that will inform, inspire and equip them in their faith. 

Just as Romans 10:17 (NKJV) says, ‘So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God’, we believe that what our team has created will truly help you to hear God’s Word in a distinctive way, leading you deeper in your understanding of Him and strengthening your faith.

3. The launch of our brand-new ‘Who Is Jesus?’ Course.

As part of the new Glorify experience, it was important for us to have a resource that was specifically designed for those who are exploring their faith, as well as those who are eager to learn more about the One who our faith is all about: Jesus

This led to the creation of our ‘Who Is Jesus?’ Course and we are so excited to share it with you. We believe this Course will help you to establish a better understanding about Jesus, the Author and Perfecter of our faith (Hebrews 12:2), and to study his teachings in a way that brings them to life through scripture, testimony and historical facts. 

Whether you’re looking to dig deeper in your own faith or wanting to encourage someone else in theirs, we truly believe this Course will help everyone who listens to it. We are keen for you to share it to all those in your lives that have a curiosity to learn more about Him and see it as a great introduction to Christianity.  

4. Content that is tailored to each user’s individual journey of faith.

Following in-depth research and trials, we found that each user’s journey of faith looks different – and that is something to be celebrated! Some have come from Christian upbringings, some have spent many years in church, others are discovering Jesus for the very first time, and some are reigniting their faith afresh. Wherever you find yourself, we want to provide each person with content that is not one-size-fits all, but rather content that is tailored to your individual walk with God – no matter what stage of faith you are in. 

To do this, we’ve added a personalisation engine to help us to provide you with content that is tailored to your personal faith journey and support you in fostering a deeper, more personal experience in your ‘Daily Walk With God’.


Overall, our hope is that through the release of the new Glorify experience, we will see more people strengthen  their relationship with God and further their faith with the help of the new resources and changes we have added to the Glorify App.

In a time where our world is faced with many difficult trials and many dark moments, our hope as a team is that Glorify will act as a powerful tool to help people across the world discover the light and love of Jesus and become beacons of His grace. 

With this new version of the app, we are more determined than ever to help people to connect with God daily, to discover the goodness of His promises, and to find joy, peace and hope afresh in His Son and our Savior, Jesus Christ.

We can’t wait to share it with you and hear your feedback!

Henry Costa

Co-Founder & CEO of Glorify

October 2023


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