From Glory to Glory – Celebrating a Successful Fundraising Series A

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d wHelping even more Christians to connect with God, every day

It’s been quite the year here at Glorify HQ. As if building a community of over 1.8 million users wasn’t enough, we’ve just announced an amazing $40m raised in Series A fundraising.

What does that mean? That means that along with the hundreds of thousands of you who’ve left 5-star reviews of our app, there’s also a global team of investors at a16z, Softbank LATAM and more, who love what we’re doing here and want to see it grow. We are blown away by their investment and the response to this fundraising campaign.

A note from our Co-Founders

Henry Costa and Ed Beccle Glorify
Henry Costa and Ed Beccle, Glorify Co-Founders

It’s incredible to be joined by so many on our mission to bring faith and technology together. Henry Costa, our Co-Founder & CEO, sums up what we’re all about: “The practice of daily quiet time has needed redesigning since the advent of the Information Era. Many Christians struggle to find time, and even if they do, they don’t often know where to begin. But with studies showing that prayer is one of the best tools to fight anxiety, to sleep better and feel more grounded, Glorify’s curated, yet structured experience, gives Christians of all denominations the opportunity to use technology to maximize their daily quiet time in a way that fits their lifestyle and personal needs.”

We believe that regular connection to God can transform your physical and mental health. We practice what we preach too. And we know that when we check in with God throughout the day we sleep better, worry less, and feel more hopeful. And we’re not the only ones. Glorify is part of a growing movement recognising that God is at the heart of wellness. Our app aims to make prioritising your wellness, with God at the centre, easier than it’s ever been before. 

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As Ed Beccle, our Co-Founder, puts it: “We’ve created an experience that not only helps Christians maximize their daily quiet time in a way that fits their lifestyle and personal needs, but empowers Christians, young and old, to open themselves up to faith again. And, it’s only the beginning.”

Our community

Since our launch last year, our community has:

  •   Grown to 1.8 million users of the Glorify app
  •   Added over 275,000 5 star reviews
  •   Completed more than 19 million Daily Worship sessions
  •   Listened to over 173 million minutes of prayer, music and meditation

Our aim is simple: “Helping every Christian, every day, connect with God”. All of our inspiring devotionals, playlists and articles are designed to make nurturing your connection with God easy, no matter how busy you are.  

The most exciting thing of all is that we’re only just getting started. As more and more people join us on our mission of helping every Christian connect with God every day, our plans for Glorify just get bigger and bigger. We dream of a thriving, global community of Christians, connecting to God and each other, every day. We want the hallmark of our Glorify community to be lives that are lived with an abundance of peace and joy. All of which is thanks to intimacy and joy with God that’s fostered during daily quiet times. 

From growing our app’s functionality to filling it with even more inspiring, moving content that points you back to Jesus, we can’t wait to see where 2022 takes us. We’re grateful for the investment and fundraising thats taken place so far.

About the app

The Glorify app
Glorify App Content

Glorify, with its wealth of faith-based content, is designed to help you increase your spiritual wellness. When you first explore the app you’ll come across inspiring quotes and bite-size Bible passages. These are easy to absorb in the in-between moments of your busiest days. If you want to dig a little deeper then you can scroll through our prayers and meditations, read a devotional or listen to some of our exclusive music. Everything you find on Glorify is there to help you develop positive and life-changing habits. 

Whatever your denomination, or history with faith, we believe the future, for everyone, can be one of vibrant spiritual health and intimate connection with God. 

Glorify is available to download for free on  iOS or Android. You can read the press release with more about our successful fundraising series here.

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