Brilliant Daily Devotionals For Men

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There is something in the Bible for everyone: a story that resonates, a Psalm that inspires or a parable that challenges. A daily devotional for men can take snippets of the Bible and bring it to men in a way that especially connects with them.

Shorter than a full Bible study and written to provoke or inspire you, devotionals have become a go-to discipline for Christians around the world. 

The brilliant thing about devotionals is how easy they are to add into your daily routine. They’re short and easy to read or listen to. Taking just a couple of minutes every day to connect with God can be transformative for your physical and emotional wellbeing. 

Where To Find A Daily Devotional For Men

Daily devotionals come in lots of different forms. You can read one a day in a book that’s put together to provide a year’s worth of daily devotionals. Or you can download an app with a range of devotional content to choose from or line up an audio book. 


If you want to keep your quiet time free from technology and potential interruptions from notifications then a daily devotional book is a great choice. 

Here are some books containing daily devotionals to start with:

Celtic Daily Prayer, The Journey Begins by The Northumbria Community

The Bible Promise Book Devotions For Men: 365 Days of Challenge And Encouragement.

Encouraging Words For Men, 365 Daily Devotions. 


You can also find a daily devotional for men in App form. There are huge benefits to engaging with a devotional on your app. Not only does it mean you can do your devotional anywhere, you can also keep a track of your devotionals too. The Glorify app for example counts your ‘Daily Worship’ streaks for you. This simple way of tracking how many days in a row you complete your devotional for is a powerful way of encouraging you to keep up your devotional discipline. 

Download the Glorify App here and get started with your first Daily Worship. 

Audio books and stories 

Another way to do a daily devotional for men is to try an audio book or story. Just like using an App, you can listen to an audio book while you commute or workout, making it so much easier to fit into your day, 

Here are two Audio Books to get you started:

Monthly Devotional For Men by Peter Cardinal

Kingdom Men Rising Devotional by Tony Evans

Another option is to try an audio story on Glorify. 

You can find sleep stories, meditation and thought for the day audio tracks on Glorify. All of these are short and easy to listen to. Our Thought For The Day series is one of our most popular pieces of content and a brilliant place to start your devotional practice. 

What’s Different About A Daily Devotional For Men?

A daily devotional that’s specifically written for men can focus on specific issues and topics that men face.

Many of the themes in the Bible are universal. Many of the challenges of being a Christian and living a life of faith are universal too. But, there is a unique call on men and a specific roll they play in the Kingdom of God.

There are also challenging parts of modern day life that can affect men more than women. 

All of this can be hopefully unpacked in a daily devotional for men. 

Being A Godly Man

In his best seller book, ‘Disciplines of a Godly Man’, author R. Kent Hughes says: “Our devotion must culminate in a conscious yielding of every part of our personality, every ambition, every relationship, and every hope to Him. This done, we have reached the apex of personal devotion.”

In this quotation Hughes brilliantly surmises part of the key to living life as a Godly man. He describes it as a ‘conscious yielding’. This yielding, or submission, of ourselves to God is the beginning and end of us becoming more like Him. 

Engaging in a daily devotional for men can spur you on in your journey to becoming a Godly man. Not only will it serve as a daily reminder to connect with God, it will inspire you to yield all that you are to Him. 

Train yourself to be godly. For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come. 1 Timothy 4:8

You can think of doing a daily devotional as a bit like doing training. Just like anything that’s important in life, you commit yourself to preparation and training; the cultivation of your faith is no different. That’s why Glorify users love how the app tracks their Daily Worship – it helps them on their training journey. 

I’ve Done My Daily Devotional – What Now?

Doing a daily devotional for a week, a month, or even a year lays a brilliant foundation for your faith. Not only does it build up a healthy habit of spending time with God every day, it encourages your personal transformation into becoming a Godly man. 

If doing a daily devotional has stirred up your hunger for studying scripture, or acted as a catalyst for your intimacy with God, what do you do next?

Diving deeper into the Bible is a brilliant next step. You could try another devotional that includes references to Scripture. Or, you could work your way through a book of the Bible.

If you’ve loved listening to your devotional then you could try listening to a longer story on Glorify. Why not make it part of your daily discipline to fall asleep to a sleep story, an atmospheric retelling of a Bible story, every night? 

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