A Prayer For 9/11 To Use This September

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There are few things as moving and traumatic to remember as the events of September 11th 2001. 

Some of us watched the events unfold on TV, horror struck. Others still live with the impact of that day as they lost family members and loved ones. 

It was a painful day but, though painful, it is important that we do remember it. 

Remembering that day allows us to invite Jesus into the grief and pain and bring His comfort. It creates a space for us to remember those we lost. And, it gives us a target for our prayers. 

Here are three prayers to use this September. Think of each one as a conversation opener between you and God. Broaching the difficult topics in prayer isn’t easy, but it is incredibly rewarding. 

A Prayer For 9/11: Addressing Your Feelings

This prayer is a starting point for you to take your feelings about the day to God. 


I can’t reconcile Your goodness with the evil things that happened on that day. Help me to understand that Your light isn’t dimmed by the darkness of this world, that it’s only made brighter for it. 

I know You created this world to be good and for people to live in harmony with You and with each other. I ask You to keep my heart full of hope for the kingdom to come, for the world to be renewed into a place of peace and joy again. 

Please heal my heart of the hurt and anguish that 9/11 has caused. 

Instead God, fill me with a righteous anger to protect the vulnerable and help the broken. 

I ask You God to make my heart like Yours. To help me to bless and comfort people affected by 9/11 and to be a light in this dark world. 

Replace my pain with comfort, God, and any bitterness with compassion. 


A Prayer For 9/11: Comforting Those Who Lost Loved Ones

Pray this prayer and, as you do, think of the families who lost someone in the tragic events of 9/11.  Declare the incredible peace and comfort of God over them as they approach this difficult anniversary in September. 

Dear Jesus, 

So many families were forever changed by the awful events of 9/11. Wives, husbands, sons and daughters were lost to a needless act of violence. 

I ask you now, Jesus, to come and be with the families that were so brutally torn apart. Throughout the month of September, would You bless those families with Your incredible comfort, Your loving warmth and Your grace. 

Where there is still heartbreak, grief and pain, please begin to repair and heal as only You can. 

Let the families so awfully impacted by the attack find a way to move forward in hope, together. 

Please repair any relationships that have broken as a result of grief. Let there be understanding and compassion that repairs damage done between loved ones. 

Jesus, only You are good enough, kind enough and loving enough to help a grieving parent or husband to live with joy again. I pray for every family who lost someone on that awful day to find their way to You.


A Prayer For 9/11: Remembering The Lost 

Honor those who lost their lives in the 9/11 attack with this prayer. 


Today I want to honor those who lost their lives in the 9/11 attack. To those who were simply working, passing by, or meeting friends, God, I remember them now. 

Let our nation heal from this wound without forgetting the lost whose lives were taken from them. 

In such a senseless act of violence I ask, God, that You would make a way for us to build our country in a positive direction. That we would always remember to hope, to forgive and to cherish each other. 


A Prayer For 9/11: Finding Your Way Out Of Grief 

This prayer is for those who tragically lost someone on September 11 2001. 

Dear God,

I can’t see past my grief. Even years later the pain feels as raw, as powerful as it did on the day they died. 

Please help me God, my Father and comforter; I need You to come and heal my heart. 

I never want to stop remembering or missing them but, God, I want to live with Your joy in my life again. 

I ask you, God, to help me to take a first step away from my pain and towards You today. 


The Importance Of Prayer

It’s so important to continue to pray for everyone affected by 9/11 and for your own pain too. The act of praying is powerful. God invites us to exchange our pain for His peace. There’s no better way to heal after such a tragic event than by processing it with Jesus. 

Regular connection with God is an effective way to invest in your wellbeing. By connecting with God every day you make sure you don’t let pain, bitterness or worry build up. It’s this nurtured connection that can transform your physical and mental wellbeing.  

Glorify has a huge range of morning devotionals. By starting your day with prayer, you are able to begin your day in peace. You can also fall asleep with a sleep story, one of our atmospheric retellings of a Bible story. This helps you to rest while aware of the presence of God and connected to Him. 

It’s this daily connection, morning and night, that will help you move on from your pain and return to joy. 

An Encouraging Bible Verse For Dark Times

At times the evil and brokenness in the world can feel overwhelming. There’s so much pain and so much wrong with our world that it’s easy to forget that there is a good God who is with us every day. 

The Bible has numerous, inspiring examples of how God’s people persevered and triumphed in spite of the pain and conflict around them. 

So, from the Israelites long journey to the promised land to Jesus enduring betrayal and pain, remember God has a history of rescuing His people from evil. 

When the weight of world feels too much, remember this verse:

“Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.” Romans 12:21

Remember that no matter how evil our times may feel, God will overcome all evil with good. 

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