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Grow your faith with daily devotionals and Christian meditations


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Grow closer to God with curated devotionals


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Connect with God and your community through prayer

Track your Daily Worship progress

Build and maintain consistent devotional habits and track your prayer streak with a personalized worship tracker.

Biblical meditations

Choose from a diverse selection of peaceful meditations, empowering declarations, guided prayers, worship music and kid’s stories.

Create your prayer list

Strengthen your relationship with God and your community with a personalizable space to create and share prayers.

Bible & Journaling

Access your Bible anywhere, anytime. Highlight favorite verses, add them to your journal, and share with others.


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Kacie P.

Not only is this app beautiful to use, it is very helpful in my study time. Everything in this app is well thought out and I love coming back every day!

April S.

This app is the only way I’m able to consistently do my daily reading and reflection. It enables me to take the time to reconnect with my spirituality. I recommend this for anyone who aims to have a daily spiritual practice.

Jedmadar A.

The app is beautifully laid out and after just one use, I know I’m going to be using this every day. I feel closer to Jesus already and I have never found an app that helps me connect with Him so tremendously.

Paula U.

I love this app. It's so simple and broken down so nicely, I can really focus on the Word. I love the reflection part of the devotional as it helps me to really sync with God. This app has changed my daily routine for the better!

Lesley P.

As a Christian who sometimes, admittedly, struggles with prayer, this app is amazing! It leads you into worship and time spent with God, and offers prayers for you to follow along with.

Pam J.

Loving the Glorify app and finding it a really helpful resource and an incredible help to my self discipline in starting my day with God. Thank you!

Kaylee L.

This app is something else. Ever since I've started using it I've learned so much about our Lord and how I can get closer to him. If you need to renew your relationship with God, this is definitely the way to do it!

Sabrina M.

I’ve been following this app for just two days and I love it! It feels like the perfect 21st century app. It’s always hard to figure out what to read every morning, but this app makes it so easy!

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